Our Story

With years of experience in the beauty industry, I was amazed at how many clients were suffering from problem skin and struggling to find products in the market to relieve their conditions.

The trouble was many of those so called 'natural' and ‘allergy free’ products they were using were laden with chemicals such as petrochemicals and sulphates to name a few. I was dissatisfied with what was available in the world of skin care.

The range was born out of a huge need to only put on my skin what you would be likely to eat. I started a quest to find a chemical free product that had all the regenerating and healing properties I was looking for. My research led me to discover that our bodies absorb up to 60% of what you place on your skin.

I decided to take action and educate people, to get the message out there by producing a chemical free and organic alternative and committed myself living a more healthy, holistic lifestyle.

It all literally began on the kitchen bench and stove top, concocting all sorts of weird and wonderful potions!  I began testing on friends and family and the results and feedback were amazing!


While developing the range, I realised that we don’t need to compromise on beautiful, feminine packaging and that has really set us apart.


Just because I choose to put something natural on my face doesn’t mean we need to choose boring, green choices when it comes to our skin care.


It should make us feel and look more radiant while proudly sitting in our bathroom, all the while being truly effective.


I hope you get as much pleasure from my range as I have creating them and may they make you look and feel ‘absolutely gorgeous’.


Cristina xx