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Cocoa Butter - natural ingredient for chocolate and Skincare

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Posted on February 04 2018

Cocoa Butter or otherwise known by its botanical name Theobroma oil is a pure and natural ingredient used in most body creams and lip balms on the market shelves today. It’s also the ingredient that gives the melt in your mouth taste to our all-time favourite chocolate.

Cocoa butter has strong antioxidant qualities to help skin from both inside and out with its penetrating abilities to nourish and heal cracked or damaged and its emollient benefits add a protective layer to your skin to help lock in the moisture.

Its said that cocoa butter can protect from free radical damage with palmitic acid, oleic acid and stearic acid, these words may sound harsh but they are all natural forms of fatty acids that are beneficial for our bodies to help neutralise free radicals especially on our skin.

By minimising the oxidative stress to our skin, cocoa butter can help reduce the signs of ageing, making your skin look youthful and feel smooth. Women all over the world use it on their belly to deter stretch marks or heal the scars caused by them.

Cocoa butter is solid and quite hard at room temperature, but will easily melt with your skin’s temperature in your palm of your hand. That’s why it’s such a popular natural ingredient for lip balms as it helps to keep the product solid and then melts once rubbed onto your lips.

Cocoa Butter is yet another natural ingredient that we use here at Absolutely Gorgeous skin care in our products like Macadamia Face Cream and Hand and Nail Cream, we love that it penetrates the skin to start healing from within and creates an invisible barrier to seal in moisture to keep our face and skin looking and feeling Absolutely Gorgeous.

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