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Posted on August 19 2017


There is no denying the relaxation you can derive from a quiet interlude in a serene, carefully prepared bath. With our fast paced lives, many of us lose sight of spending quality time to connect with our inner being.

Simply feeling beautiful and tranquil is the main goal of a leisurely bath. Even the thought is gratifying.

Following are some ideas for helping to create a peaceful haven in your home where you can float away to your fantasy location and enjoy a relaxing bath without harming your skin:

  • Start running the bath using water that's only slightly hotter than normal; water that is too hot can be hard on the skin and may cause problems over the long haul.
  • If you have normal to dry skin, drizzle in bath oil that contains almond, olive, or sunflower oil. If you have oily, blemish-prone skin from the neck down, oils of any kind are not the best idea. Bath and shower gel is best, and will produce lots of bubbles and you only need a drop.
  • Adding bath salts is an inexpensive way to enjoy a soothing bath. Milk baths are popular and choose one with organic sea salts that is gentle on the skin. The milk will leave your skin supple and soft. Bath salts with essential oils such as lavender can also provide therapeutic benefits.
  • Light a scented candle or two and place them in strategic locations so the light can flicker on the water and in the mirror. An oil burner that contains essential oil can also help radiate fragrance throughout the room.
  • Turn down the lights or turn them off altogether and bathe by candlelight.
  • Prop a towel or bath pillow behind your head and stretch out.
  • While you're soaking, take the time to gently, and I mean gently, buff a washcloth over your body. A loofah can be used providing it is not too harsh and you don't have sensitive skin.
  • Use a body cleanser or body wash alone or with a gentle washcloth. Soap can be too drying on skin.
  • Using a body exfoliant in the bath is an excellent way to clear the skin of dead cells and help in its natural renewal process. This gives a healthy glow to the skin.
  • When you're done soaking, exit as slowly as you entered.
  • Next apply a body lotion (but not on areas of the body that tend to break out after shaving).

Your bathing should not go for any more than 15 – 20 mins. Regularly soaking for long periods, especially in hot water—is actually not best for the long-term health of the skin. Oversaturating the skin with water can break down its immune/healing response and can actually make it drier

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