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The Truth About Natural and Organic Skin Care

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Posted on August 19 2017

Going Green in Your Skin Care

The current concern about green living extends beyond the environment to personal care, and many consumers have developed an interest in natural and organic skin care. After all, what is the use of purifying our homes and workplaces if we are adding toxins to our bodies? It stands to reason, then, that many of us have begun to look into the use of a natural skin care product for our beauty regimen.

Difference between Natural and Organic?

But what are some of the differences between natural and organic skin care and traditional commercial preparations? Many non-natural products have a high percentage of water as a base ingredient. Obviously, water is a natural ingredient, but what this means is that you, the consumer, are purchasing a product which is highly diluted. That can translate into some very expensive water!

Non-natural commercial products might also use blends of artificial thickeners and fillers in order to make their products look smooth and creamy. Finally, most non-natural skin care products use chemicals as preservatives. Your best bet when looking for natural and organic skin care products is to read the labels and educate yourself. 

A natural skin care product line will be oriented toward plant and mineral ingredients that come from our gorgeous green earth and these ingredients will often be referred to as botanical-based. Natural and organic skin care products will, for the most part, not utilize man-made or chemical ingredients in their products. These natural and organic skin care products focus on stimulating cell growth and rejuvenating your skin, beginning with thorough cleansing and proceeding through gentle toning and moisturizing. Natural skin care products are never harsh or damaging to the skin. It is important to remember that deep cleansing of the skin is important, but it should not be done in a way that strips the skin of its natural oils.

Organic Skin Care

Organic skin care begins with products that utilize organic ingredients. While the word natural is not regulated, the word organic is. A product must conform to organic standards set by one of multiple official organizations in order to call itself an organic skin care product. You, the consumer, will need to get used to reading labels and checking to see if the organic skin care company has been officially rated as organic. These labels should be easy to see on the organic skin product, as the companies who earn this designation know it is a strong selling point.

Reading Labels 

The best thing to remember when searching for natural and organic skin care preparations is that the burden of proof is on you, the consumer. If a skin care product label says “all natural” in big letters but contains a list of chemicals, know that it is not what you are looking for. Because of confusion over terms and in some cases, a lack of regulation, it is up to the consumer to educate herself and to learn to carefully read labels. There are so many wonderful natural and organic skin care products available, it will not take you long to find products you and your skin will fall in love with!

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